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What are you

What are you

Like ember rushing to my veins and slowly consuming me,

Alighting, flickering, spreading and burning me in its heat.

What are you

Like a sprawling wave, crawling gently to the shore,

Gathering momentum and crashing into my deep core.

What are you

Like a dormant volcano erupting and its heat getting higher and higher,

Unnerving, and moving in a world of smouldering explosion.

What are you

Like a million tiny stars in the galaxy converging to an orbit,

Exploring, illuminating and shattering all my senses.

What are you

Like a heavy downpour after an otherwise dry season,

Streaming over me and engulfing me in the process.

What are you

Like a streak of lightning, causing illumination

Blinding me, coveting me with your gaze and touch

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