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A piece of me

A piece of my heart, chipped off and disappeared,

Lost and abandoned in that jumble which I feared

And with memories of that distant love leaving me bereft

Which is just a recollection of souvenirs I now only have left.

A piece of my soul, anguished in that plight

With a total darkness when everything was so bright

Longing for the day when I can be engulfed again in your light

Which has now become an all so detached and faraway sight.

A piece of my love, that now resonates with a gnawing ache

With nothing left of me anymore now that it can take

And unbridled emotions still going astray and running high

Which with every trials and tribulations I still can’t deny.

A piece of my life, of which you formed part, now forever amiss

Taking in your stride that feeling of unparalleled bliss

Which my thirst for this desire and love will not be quenching

And that my whole being will forever keep searching.

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