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One more time

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

Let me

Let me gaze at you to my heart's content

One more time

Of that stained yet beautiful soul

Of that imperfect yet flawless face.

Let my breath mingle with your scent

One more time

Of that sweet fragrance of your aura

Of that whiff of mystery forming your charisma.

Let my fingers feel every inch of you

One more time

Of the vision of that body like a delicacy to me

Of that touch which probe deep into my soul.

Let me lose myself to the depth of your eyes

One more time

Of that bottomless pool which makes me shiver

Of that enigma which I want to discover.

Let me hear your soothing voice

One more time

Of the words which you speak and I don't hear.

Of that music which reverberates against my body like a caress.

Let me abandon myself to you again

One more time

Of the freedom which that bliss provided me

Of that lust of fire and desire aroused in my aching heart.

Let me.

One more time.

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