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Updated: Oct 29, 2021

My life, full of care and pain

With no time to feel the caress of the rain

My identity, lost and abandoned in fate

With no desire to reclaim that hate.

Of the feeling of being completely lost

Till that darkness creeps in with no frost

In the depth of my anger, helplessness and guilt

That in my failure and defect were they built.

Nothing is and feels as it seems

As if I'm living a bizarre world of dreams

With words which come and go as phantoms

Reeling in my mind without any palpable wisdom.

I set out with no intention of where to go

But clumsily I stumble and fall in sorrow

As I wandered to where the winds of change blow

Towards a destination which myself I do not know.

Lost in memories of these wonderful sights

I have long given up on these inconsequential fights

That my mind and my heart have been messing over

Till I realised I am nowhere part of this favour.

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