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I kept waiting for you

But you never showed up,

My eyes kept crying for you

But you never stopped my tears.

I tried to comfort myself

But you broke all your promises

My feet kept wandering to you

But you moved further away from me.

I hoped and prayed for a miracle

But you crushed all my desires

My heart kept aching for you

But you were oblivious to my pain.

I longed for your caress

But you turned away from me

My fingers were desperate to feel you

But you withdrew yourself more and more.

I wished for my heart to stop hurting

But your memories would not let it

My whole being yearns for you

But you were just a fantasy and a dream.

I am now empty once again

But you can't fill me up now

My heart, I'll close and fade away

But in my dreams is where where you'll stay.

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