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To describe you

To describe you is like putting rhyme to poetry and to hold you in

You are set free to soar, creating a snapshot of life to share with your passion and freedom, just the way it is.

To describe you is like being bonded to you in bliss and united in physical rapture,

bringing life to fantasies and engulfed in satisfaction.

To describe you is like my intense hunger is being nourished and deep yearning being fulfilled such that I want to open up to you.

To describe you is like the slightest embrace of your soft gaze is enough to set me on fire.

To describe you is like being associated with your free nature of not being afraid of anything and conquering all your fears.

To describe you is like being wanted to be mesmerised and entangled with your gaze and touch.

To describe you is like setting myself free and being touched to the very deep core of my soul.

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