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That fateful meeting

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

The image of that face, the curling up of that grin, the soothingness of that voice and that earnestness of those eyes kept haunting her, her eyes be close or open. Fateful meeting, unfateful destiny, sheer fantasy, unsheer energy, groping words, unhanged conversation, fearful gaze, fearless emotions, all hover around.

Right or wrong, good or bad, dark clouds or clear sky, starlight or black tide, unanswered questions or unquestionable replies, fear or anticipation, adventure or disaster, reality or dream, hurt or hope, all these kept playing in her mind.

Was that a dream? Can this really happen to her? She kept asking all these to herself but could not share these thoughts aloud and least of all not to the one who was causing all this emotional despair to her, because she was afraid. Yes, she was afraid, should she voice out her feelings and wishful thinking, that dream would shatter, that dream which she has only read in novels and which existed only in her fantasies, she was not prepared to let go of that so easily because she knew she was not entitled to that, never has been, never will be. That dream was never hers in the first place, it was just a fragment which she was allowed to feel and live through for the fleetest time. So, until her stark reality confronted her, she allowed herself to feel that rush and thrill and live though that ethereal sense of euphoria which never before she has encountered, blocking her mind against all the 'what ifs' which always manifested.

She wanted this moment to be hers alone, the memory of this fateful meeting to be buried in the deepest corner of her heart where only she can have access and where she knew would always be treasured and where no one would question her because she knew she would not be having the answers to any questions. Her heart felt both light and heavy, she was at peace with herself with that she has experienced and at the same time felt sad because that fleeting moment would be gone too soon, leaving a forever dull ache in her heart. But what was most important was that she felt complete and content. Such were the distraught emotions that arose on that fateful meeting.

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