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Star crossed lovers

With tears in her eyes and sighing over her fate,

She contemplated over her life, looking for her lost mate.

The innumerable questions are left unanswered and continue to haunt,

While her feelings, she no longer cares to flaunt.

She moved around without showing she was helpless,

But still thinking where was the one who drove her senseless.

Has destiny marked for them to be star crossed?

And ultimately doomed to be lost?

They say that love conquers all,

But what she can see is only her imminent fall.

Just a small gesture is enough to fill her treasure trove, So precious that she will gladly rise above.

With hope in her heart, she still continues to believe,

That no more she will have to grieve.

Until that hope too is taken away from her,

And not allowing her to believe in love ever.

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