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Forbidden love

My heart beats without a care

With all the love I can't share

Staring at you from somewhere

When I know I shouldn't be there.

I wish in a faraway land I'll wander

Where on no thoughts I would ponder

And I'll give you all the love I could muster

Because it's only you I'll ever see in this lustre.

I yearn to watch you before me again

While I wonder why my heart was taken

Being so lost,I don't know where to begin

Until thoughts of you make my head spin.

From all the unspoken words that were said

And in your memory every single tears that were shed,

My heart may cry in despair and seem to shatter

But in the deepest part of it you will always matter.

Fighting our feelings to keep them hidden

We eventually give in to a love most forbidden

So perfect for one another we may seem

But which unfulfilled promises would not let us redeem.

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