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As I sit alone, pondering on the days gone by,

I wonder where would I be had you not come along.

You, who lifted me from this murky state of my world

That I used to tread upon everyday with so much pain.

I was lost to my fate and a victim to my will,

And as I wept, I would often feel so empty.

It still scares me, it still despairs me, when I think of it now

Cause nothing lasts forever, not even you.

If not for you, with your light, I'd be even more lost

Looking for something which will still keep me wandering

And which I didn't know existed

Until you appeared bringing along a new life for me.

Born again, I now rejoice in this short but free spirited life

Which out of darkness has turned into light

Bringing to my soul a desire to be free and live

Till I no longer feel lost and alone until you also frizzle out.

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