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Staring without any aim above on the ceiling,

I just can't believe the way I'm feeling.

Lost and without respite in deep grief,

I wonder about my poor state in disbelief.

My tattered heart and scarred soul is beyond repair

And hopelessly I relented to my fate in quiet despair;

Of a hope that has given rise to a new begining

But which, to my disarray, is slowly thinning.

Grappled with fear and abandoned in confusion,

Of what is left as I try to avoid this confusion

I cry for what I know has now been lost

As I know all bridges have been crossed.

A prisoner of my own fate i have become

Trying to break free yet becoming more succumbed

With eyes full of tears and memories clearer than ever

Of which a precious part of me i will not be able to sever.

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