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I'm breaking

I can't be fixed

I'm missing

I can't be missed.

Still shaking

From what I fear

I want to let you in,

To come near.

I guess you are right

It's too thin

I'm fighting a battle

That I'll never win.

I have so many flaws,

I don't know where to start

From my messed up hair

To my messed up heart.

So what's the point

To continue to fight?

When my restless days

Turn into restless nights.

This life hasn't been fair

I can finally tell

That nobody cares

And it hurts like hell.

I don't know how to live

I have nothing to gain

And all I want

Is to end all my pain.

I'm losing sight

Of what I've already seen

I'm losing my grip

And I'm barely seen.

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