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The farewell

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

She looked deeply into his eyes, those same mesmerizing and captivating eyes which enthralled her and could make her fall weak in her knees. This time, she did not look away as she usually did. Those eyes had the power to unnerve her and always drove her senseless; that’s why she always averted her gaze because her bare soul was exposed when she looked at that deep, profound and meaningful gaze. But this time, she held on that bewitching look and carried on looking at him. She wanted to hold on to every little, tiny details of his face, of that structure and imperfect yet flawless face which has caused so many innumerable sleepless nights to her. She wanted to remember everything and keep those memories treasured forever in her mind and heart because she knew that was the last time she would see him.

That moment which she dreaded most and did not want to think about has come, although none of them has spoken about it. That distraught and heavy silence hung deeply between them and as he held her gaze as well, he could read the numerous questions her eyes held but for which he had no answers nor could he answer even if he beheld those answers. He did not know what to say to her and she did not ask him anything either. They just quietly stared at each other in this unspoken silence and acquiesced that fateful moment. They knew that whatever they had shared, even for the sweetest and fleetest moment, has come to an end and they had to part ways.

Their union was too powerful and dangerous, it was something unheard of and unspoken about, yet they could not have helped it. They could not have fought against fate and the stars for they were meant to cross each other’s paths at this intersection of life. Maybe destiny had its way with them which caused them to meet and they each had to follow their own path now. They met for a purpose, she blossomed while being in his company and he managed to let go of his dark side, maybe that was life’s way of telling them that they had something to thankful for even if it meant that they will not be together. ‘Together’, that was never for them. Theirs were only hushed meetings, full of longing and anticipation, yet so withdrawn because they knew that ‘together’, they could not think about it, even dreaming about seemed sinful, yet they did have their own ‘together ’in their own way. Now, the time has come to let go of these stolen moments and unbridled passion which they could only savour for the shortest time. Without each other speaking and with this indescribable pain and turmoil in their heart, they knew that there was nothing more to be said. Their eyes already acquiesced what their heart knew all along, they just had to bury their feelings as these feelings were so destructive should they erupt.

She wanted to keep looking and talk to him, and absorb every bit and pieces about him, but she knew that if she said something, their resolve would weaken and it will be more difficult for both of them, than it already was. She knew he was fighting to keep his emotions at bay too and he would readily break down. In that single moment, the memory of all the sweet time they spent together flashed before her eyes and she knew this was the final signal.

‘’Good bye” he said.

She sighed deeply. That simple word said it all.

She just nodded and with one last look and a bittersweet smile at him, she turned away from him and went away.

Her tears, he will never see.

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